The Team

We have over 30 Years in Manufacturing, Industrial Distribution, and Direct Supply. We understand Supply Chain Management (SCM) and how CASH is King for a Manufacturing Company.

The Story

While Working Working with Indirect Material and MRO Supply Distributors, We began to notice a pattern…

  • Smaller manufacturers never had the same market information or the resources to put towards finding competitive advantages.
  • Smaller manufacturers had little purchasing power and limited procurement departments to enable growth.
  • Smaller manufacturers often could not afford to pay-to-play in large buying groups, therefore missing out on invaluable pricing and distribution information.

After years of seeing large manufactures eat up profits while others in the industry struggle with limited information, we wanted to provide a solution.

The Lesson

Through years of market research, we’ve found that in order for our tool to be successful it needs to:

  • Be Easy-To-Use
  • Provide Accurate and Reliable Information
  • Prove significant ROI


The Result

We’ve created an Easy-To-Use Tool and Community that is going to change the way your company researches, negotiates, and buys your MRO Supplies.  Oh, and you’re going to save a bunch of money too!  

For more information please sign up here or give us a call at 612-655-5628.