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Finally, a Tool That Gives You a Real Pricing Advantage

ManufacturingPower optimizes price visibility and spend processes for manufacturing companies seeking to overcome the challenges around their MRO, Indirect materials, and consumable product spend.

See what other manufacturers actually paid
ManufacturingPower (MFGP) Competitive Price Transparency shows you market averages, quotes, and invoiced pricing on thousands of industrial supply uploads. MFGP arms you with the best information when you buy, allowing you to save no matter who you buy from. When you share your invoices, you unlock thousands of real-world transactions, that’s the power of the manufacturing network.

Compare and find similar products
MFGP Price Intelligence makes it easy to compare products with the same OEM part number. Through automatic active matching, you can see true apples-to-apples price comparisons. MFGP Price Intelligence provides search capability, letting you instantly compare against our rapidly growing product database.

Pricing Intelligence when it counts
MFGP puts impactful data at your fingertips. Competitive Price Transparency gives you real negotiating power with your suppliers, exactly when you need it the most. Negotiate with confidence using ManufacturingPower!

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We are bringing competitive transparency to the market place.

ManufacturingPower delivers a simple tool to address MRO, Indirect Materials, and Consumables Spend.

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