The WorkCenter from ManufacturingPower is a cloud-based market intelligence solution designed to help small to mid-sized companies streamline and achieve real-time visibility into Industrial Supply spend, collaborate better with suppliers, mitigate risk, and realize cost savings. 

Turning data into strategic assets



  • Negotiate best-value prices leveraging supplier and peer pricing data
  • Buy quickly and easily from preferred suppliers at the right prices 
  •  Find new sources of supply  



  • Achieve real-time visibility and control of company-wide spending 
  • Utilize one resource to accelerate day-to-day and large project sourcing with built-in management functionality 
  • Track supplier and team performance with on-going analytics



  • Improve cash flow 
  • Optimize working capital 
  • Turn invoice data into strategic assets
  • Deliver hard savings back to your business  

Proven Results

Case Study 1


 See how a Multi-location Hydraulic Equipment Supplier has simplified a tough-to-manage quoting process while generating sustainable savings. 

Case Study 2


When this Digital Manufacturing company wanted to reduce risk and bring clarity to their Industrial Supply chain, they chose ManufacturingPower.

Case Study 3


Does every penny count?  The WorkCenter has provided this Precision Machine Shop with organizational and negotiating tools to realize hard cost savings.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We would love to show you how it works!

Remove Complexity with the workcenter

1-Step Data Organization


Upload a csv or xls file into your WorkCenter account at

Scheduled Continuous Improvement


Create an automated data upload schedule to stay current with your opportunities 

B2B Digital Thread Collaboration


 Gain instant access into peer-to-peer market pricing visibility  

Time Saving Task Development


  The WorkCenter creates a ranked list of your cost savings opportunities by part number 

Execute with Built-In Templates


 Start by quickly utilizing a formatted template that can be sent to all quote participants in one easy action 

Key Analytics & Measurables


Utilize The WorkCenter data to negotiate better pricing, then measure your performance with meaningful analytics 

Transform your process


Gain Clarity

  • Your WorkCenter organizes invoice information by part number, description, volume, pricing, UNSPSC codes, manufacturers, and suppliers, so you can really trust your data.  
  • Simplifies many manual procurement processes.
  • Reduces quotation and proposal inefficiencies.
  • Promotes quick and actionable procurement tasks. 


KPI's with Impact

  • Monitor on-demand market price visibility.
  • Realize immediate and long-term cost savings opportunities.
  • Easily track performance with goal driven analytics. 
  • Turn you data into strategic negotiation assets.


Bottom Line Results

  • Understand your market.
  • Improve procurement performance.
  • Put hard cost savings back into your business.
  • Before you sign a supplier contract or make a spot buy, check your MarketCenter data first.

 “ManufacturingPower is filling a need that buyers really do not have time to do given the massive number of SKU's” 

George Krauter - Nationally Published Author and MRO Guru 

 "The WorkCenter has made a huge impact in our soup-to-nuts industrial supply management process. We utilize the tool for day-to-day task development, price optimization and pricing negotiation leverage with our supply chain partners. It's an easy-to-use tool that has made a big difference".

Rob P. - Machine Shop Owner

"The ManufacturingPower Team is great to work with and they have created a tool that has simplified a tough-to-manage process.  Historically, MRO has been overlooked in our company but now The WorkCenter keeps us organized and on track with opportunities.  Not only have we realized year-over-year cost savings on our MRO spend, but we finally have a grasp on the entire spend category"

Keith A. - Director of Purchasing and Supply Chain

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