Our Story

The manufacturing industry drives innovation in America. It’s the birthplace of products and processes that make the world a better place. It’s also a massive engine of economic growth.  ManufacturingPower cuts waste around your industrial supply spend with market transparency data. At the end of the day, the more profitable companies can be, the bigger a difference they can make for their customers, employees and communities.  ManufacturingPower was founded after realizing that the manufacturing industry currently has no way of objectively comparing prices for industrial supplies. That means that manufacturers may be spending far more than they need to on tooling, fasteners, clean room supplies, packaging and much more.  It started as a software tool that allows manufacturers to anonymously share data and compare pricing.  Through a network of data, this proprietary method can save companies on their total industrial supply spend. Since the company was founded, it has grown to include a team that collectively has more than 100 years of manufacturing and industrial supplies experience, and more than 60 years of supply chain experience. This powerful group is committed to helping manufacturers cut wasteful spending so that businesses and their teams can get back to what matters most: driving economic growth, innovation and success.


The Team

Mike Franz - Founder & CEO


As ManufacturingPower’s top leader Mike 

has spent his career building expertise in

manufacturing and business success.  He created 

a new-to-market manufacturing industry 

transparency data tool and founded

ManufacturingPower in 2017.  

Scott Heilman - COO


Scott Heilman is a leader and change agent. He 

brings to ManufacturingPower more than 20

years of experience in supply chain and operations,  with a special ability to transform

organizations through reducing waste, 

cutting inventory and improving all 

aspects of a business.

Matt Schumann - CRO


With nearly two decades of sales, business and marketing experience, Matt Schumann is a

powerhouse.  His expertise is in driving significant revenue growth, eliminating waste and

inefficiencies and building lasting client relationships.  

Keith Anderson - Advisory Board


  Keith  is a leader who gets results. He has 

spent more than 35 years building

expertise in business development, 

operations management, lean enterprise, supply chain management, product and manufacturing

engineering, and more. 

Peggy Sowden - Advisory Board


  Peggy Sowden is ManufacturingPower’s expert in purchasing. She brings more than 20 years of

experience in indirect sourcing, inventory 

management and business. She has worked for both large corporations and small companies, 

utilizing her strengths in RFP creation and

management, relationship building, change management and training. 

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