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Unlimited Part Number Upload 

Your PowerPotential Report includes:

  • Easy data upload
  • CSV and XLS file formatting
  • Gain insight into your TOP 6 savings opportunities
  • Your data is powerful, let us show you where to start realizing hard savings

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Unlimited Part Number Matches / Year

Your WorkCenter includes:

  • Price Optimization Software
  • Database Management
  • Unlimited Part Number Upload
  • Easy data upload
  • Multilevel data security
  • Build RFQ's and RFP's confidently and consistently
  • Your HitList creates tasks to for you to realize savings
  • On-going analytics
  • See your part numbers in an organized format
  • See your volume
  • See Manufacturers part numbers with descriptions
  • See your cost vs. peer market pricing
  • See suppliers with the lowest cost
  • See your potential savings
  • See your Year to date savings Attained
  • Business hours email support
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Video training 


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